Yosemite National Park: Big Oak Flat Entrance Station

  • Northern California

Big Oak Flat Entrance Station on Highway 120 is a busy entrance to Yosemite National Park. The station was built in 1964 and included three lanes, two kiosks, and an office. The project included replacing the kiosks and upgrading the office and nearby contact station to provide ADA accessibility. During the initial planning, ARG discovered a fourth lane had been graded, but never paved. This allowed another kiosk and lane to be added within the original development footprint. Working closely with NPS staff, ARG was able to deliver the design of the additional kiosk and lane within the original budget. The new kiosks are designed to blend with the rustic style of the other Yosemite entrance stations, creating a consistent visitor experience. The additional lane and kiosk cut wait times, increase revenue collection, and improve NPS employee safety.