Watts Towers

  • Southern California

Italian immigrant Simon Rodia created the Watts Towers between 1921–1955. Fully encompassing a tenth-acre triangular lot and reaching a height of almost 100 feet at the highest point, the site contains several individual features made of steel armature, wire mesh, and cement mortars. The surfaces of these sculptures are embedded with salvaged decorative pieces including glass bottles, glazed tile, pottery shards, rocks, and seashells. Surfaces, including the floor, are embossed with designs from iron gratings and Rodia’s tools. The towers are designated a National Historic Landmark, one of four in the City of Los Angeles.

In 2004 ARG conducted a comprehensive examination of cracks and fissures in the three tallest towers. ARG investigated and evaluated the causes of the fissures and made prioritized recommendations for repair and preventive measures.