The Ahwahnee, Historic Furnishings Report
Yosemite National Park

  • Northern California

In anticipation of a future rehabilitation at The Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park, ARG prepared a set of comprehensive planning documents, a Historic Structures Report, a Cultural Landscape Report, and a Historic Furnishings Report. The Ahwahnee, an NHL, is significant for its site, setting, materials, design quality, craftsmanship, and artistic value. The HFR analyzes the historic character of the hotel’s original interior scheme, furniture, artwork, baskets, and textiles assembled in 1927 by Arthur Upham Pope and Dr. Phyllis Ackerman. The HFR incorporates supplementary reports including a Historic Lighting Fixture Condition Assessment, inventorying the 200 original 1927 fixtures still in use, a Stained and Leaded Glass Window Survey, and a Historic Furniture Condition Assessment and Database to electronically track ongoing maintenance of individual original pieces.